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03 November

The Heritage Who’s Who VIP Round Tables Recognizes Michael Kedar

Toronto, ON, Canada HWW/Press/November 3, 2014 –Michael Kedar, President of Mobilexchange Ltd., was selected for inclusion in the VIP Round Table section of the forthcoming edition of The Heritage Registry of Who’s Who.  Michael Kedar #5890

The accomplishments and achievements attained by Michael Kedar in the field of telecommunications with over 46 years of experience revolutionizing Canadian telecommunications warrants inclusion into The Heritage Registry of Who’s Who.

Michael (Mike) Kedar has been involved in the telecommunications industry for over 45 years. His tenacity and perseverance to provide competitive telecom business services to Canadians is almost legendary in the Canadian telecom industry. A son of Czech and parents who fled the Nazis in WWII to arrive in Israel, Mike Kedar is today rightfully hailed as an entrepreneur of persistence and diplomacy.

Mike Kedar served in the Israeli military in the 1960s and went on to university in Geneva, Switzerland where he graduated as an electrical engineer. He came to Canada in 1966.

 Upon arriving in Canada, concerned that the Canadian businesses were not taking full advantage of their monopoly-supplied telecommunications services, Mike Kedar and a business partner began a successful telecommunications consulting practice to help optimize network and feature usage. In 1985, Mike Kedar launched Call-Net Telecommunications Ltd. with the objective of providing value-added telecommunications services to small and mid-sized businesses. Call-Net pioneered the alternative telecommunications service provider industry in Canada through its wholly-owned resale subsidiary, SPRINT Canada, (now Rogers).

 Mr. Kedar spearheaded Call-Net’s participation in the early 1990s long-distance regulatory proceedings, where he was instrumental in the issuance of the landmark Canadian Radio-television & Telecommunications Commission ( CRTC) Decision 92-12, which ended Bell Canada’s and the provincial Telco’s’ 100-year long-distance monopoly.  From 1992-1997 he was actively involved in a number of telecom business launches. He founded and was strategy advisor to Canada Popfone Corporation, (Microcell Telecom/Rogers) one of four Canadian companies awarded a public wireless (PCS) license.

 As Board member for ESAT Telecom in Ireland, Mr. Kedar assisted in the growth and rollout of its national and international wireless and landline voice, data and video services until ESAT was bought by British Telecom in 2001.

 Mr. Kedar also works as an independent international telecom entrepreneur and was instrumental in obtaining TeleBermuda International Limited’s international telecommunications facilities license.  GlobeNet Communications Group Ltd. (TeleBermuda’s holding company) laid several cables between USA, Venezuela, Bermuda and Brazil. GlobeNet was sold to 360networks in 2000.

 Mr. Kedar is currently the Founder and President of Mobilexchange Ltd., through which he is working on a number of entrepreneurial ventures in both the telecom and health and wellness sectors.  He continues to be active in Canadian and international ICT and telecom markets. He is an avid art collector along with his wife Eva Seidner, and the couple lives in Toronto along with their daughter, Emily. His son, Ami, lives in Israel.

The Heritage Registry of Who’s Who™, a New York based biographical publication, selects and distinguishes individuals throughout North America who have attained a recognizable degree of success in their field of endeavor and thereby contributing to the growth of their industry.

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