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Heritage Who's Who

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21 April

The Heritage Who’s Who Recognizes Wendell E. Zehel, M.D.

Pittsburgh, PA HWW/ Press/April 21, 2015 –Wendell E. Zehel, M.D., President and CEO, with Surgical Robotics Inc., was selected for inclusion in the forthcoming 2015 edition of The Heritage Registry of Who’s Who.

The accomplishments and achievements attained by Dr. Wendell E. Zehel in the field of General Surgery and Surgical Robotic Healthcare Services, warrants inclusion into The Heritage Registry of Who’s Who. Dr. Wendell Zehel is a retired general surgeon, certified with the American Board of Surgery, who has introduced many advances to the medical community. He currently owns and runs Surgical Robotics Inc. in Pittsburgh. With this company, he has created some of the world’s most resourceful medical devices. He has developed a flexible, voice-activated Robot for doing Laparoscopic and Thoroscopic surgery, and is interested in virtual reality and its relationship to Laparoscopic surgery and Robotics. He also writes and works with the engineers at Carnegie Mellon University in the field of Biotechnology.  He has written a textbook on biotechnology, the purpose of which is to teach and train the medical personnel in the field of biotechnology.  Dr. Zehel lectures on this subject and has given talks to various groups on the development of his robot for medical purposes.

Before he became a surgeon, Dr. Zehel spent two years in the United States Air Force where he gained direct experience in a variety of medical fields. Since then, having spent many years studying biomechanics, he is one of the most brilliant doctors around helping to provide medical robotics for doctors to perform surgery with.  Dr. Zehel is a member of the American College of Surgeons, the American Medical Association, and The New York Academy of Science.  He is Deputy Director, International Biographical Center, on the Institutional Review Board (IRB) at Carnegie Mellon University, is a member of the Pittsburgh Technology Council,  a member of the Southwestern Pennsylvania Chapter of the American College of Surgeons, The State County Medical Societies, Associations for Advancement of Medical Instrumentation, the Local Chapter of Engineering and Medicine and Biology, a branch of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE).

The Heritage Registry of Who’s Who™, a New York based biographical publication, selects and distinguishes individuals throughout North America who have attained a recognizable degree of success in their field of endeavor and thereby contributing to the growth their industry.

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