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Heritage Who's Who

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16 October

The Heritage Who’s Who Round Table Recognizes Robert D. Wheat, Sr.

Fairfield, IL   HWW/Press/October 16, 2014 –Robert D. Wheat, Sr., Owner, of Mid Continent Energy, Inc., was selected for inclusion in the Round Table Section of the forthcoming edition of The Heritage Registry of Who’s Who.

The accomplishments and achievements attained by Mr.Robert D. Wheat, Sr.,
in the field of Oil Well Drilling and Construction Services, warrants inclusion into The Heritage Registry of Who’s Who.

Robert D. Wheat, Sr. is the Owner of Mid Continent Energy Inc. in Fairfield, Illinois. Mr. Wheat has been involved in the oil industry since the age of seventeen. He was drafted into the U.S. Army and when he was discharged an engineering company in Dallas recruited him regarding drilling services. As time went on, Mr. Wheat was hired as a consultant by Texaco, and shortly thereafter, decided to become his own boss. He sold his publicly traded oil company in August 1981 and continued his journey of running his own business.

Mid Continent Energy, Incorporated is known for its expertise in all aspects of oil well drilling oil and gas explorations. In 1968, Mr. Wheat was also instrumental in the drilling of the first Discovery Well in the Wattenberg Oil Field in the State of Colorado, where he was honored as being the number two business of that State in 1981. The Discovery Well is considered one of the top oil well fields in the United States.

Mr. Wheat was in the U.S. Army during the Korean War and was a Board Member of The Dominion Bank.

The Heritage Registry of Who’s Who™, a New York based biographical publication, selects and distinguishes individuals throughout North America who have attained a recognizable degree of success in their field of endeavor and thereby contributing to the growth of their industry.

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